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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ahhh, the memories.. :') It's been years since I last watched it. So one day, I decided to download them for the sake of 'em ol' memories :D

Ah yes, it's easy peasy now that there's bit-torrent but waiting seemed to eat up my patience fast..SO SLOW ARH! Perfect health, seeds and peers but where did da 100kb/s speed went to??? ;;_;; Ah well, at least I've got all the movies.. hehehe~ <3

Luckily I found a torrent with all the series and movies in one folder! Wheeeee! And so far, the movies are all Japanese dubbed. Kyahahahaha~ (but im frustrated that movie 1-3 are jap dubbed..i want the US version ;;_;;)
Ahem, naturally you would think that the digimon series would be japanese dubbed too..but NOOOOOoooo~ it's US dubbed!!! I don't mind the first and second seasons but on the fourth too???!!! Pu-lease!!!!! Dx Kouji sounded different than his usual cool voice.. TT^TT And Takuya's voice is annoying! Some Seiyuus they've chose.. :(

Yeet Yang gave me a link to another website to get the 4th season so I'm still waiting if it still works or not.

I guess the ol' Digimon fever came back and I decided to play the game on just gets better: my memory cards' data are all gone. ;;_;; Oh well, I guess that can't be helped, it is old. :')

Oh looks like I've finished downloading the first 10 of season 1! Sweet! I'm gonna watch it now! See ya! xD

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  1. long time didn't watch japanese anime liao.. thanks for the remind nish :D